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Zoe Sophie my about me photo - how my background and credentials mean my students excel in the English GCSE.

I am serious about English and getting my students to not just pass, but excel in their English GCSE! I have spent years perfecting my craft as a qualified teacher of English, KS3 Coordinator, GCSE English tutor and advocate good practice for all those wishing to surmount those pesky English GCSEs. We all know you need to pass Language at a grade 4 (at the very least) to move onto whatever you dream to do. And I am good at helping students to build the skills they need to master the English GCSEs.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and painting. From a young age I used to write stories and (very bad!) poetry. I ended up taking degrees in Law before really discovering my passion – English Literature.

Subsequently, I find myself working on my prose fiction novel (I currently have approximately 33,000 words to edit and sequence), this shall inevitably end up as a self published work after a series of edits and re-reads by myself and other editors.

I also have my artwork (one tiger painting pictured here) and of course, I teach! I teach students from all over Essex and online too.

My next project? Advanced video editing for my online courses. These are aimed at revolutionising the way that students may learn from home, in their own time and at their own pace. Not everyone is educated in a school building and not everyone enjoys being in a physical school. Besides, there are multiple ways to learn and online is the next big thing – so WATCH THIS SPACE!

About my bookings photo - how my organisational credentials mean my students excel in the English GCSE.
Tiger painting -  how all my l credentials help me to teach my students

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Address: Knapton Close,

Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 6UL

Phone: 07753 695993

Business Hours: Monday-Thursday 12.00-21.00

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