It’s finally here – September! This has led me to think ‘summer is over; progress and achievement are in’. Yet whilst the summer holidays may be over – our intensions to make progress and achieve excellence in English are only just beginning.

Wasn’t summer wonderful!? It felt like it would go on forever – excursions to Wales, visits with family and friends, summer walks along the beach (pictured), time to read, time to think…and then suddenly – September is here. Time for coffee.

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Back to school, back to early morning starts, bad traffic and classroom interaction. Some of those are true for me – but for those who were unaware – I no longer endure bad traffic.

Spare a thought for those in Chelmsford who have to battle the Army and Navy roundabout each day, minus flyover. The news spells disaster as council officials and government officials scratch their head for a timely, cost-effective solution (there isn’t one). My sympathy only extends so far – as this has been a problem for years – but as always with government the cogs of action are painfully slow.

But not for us: GCSE English students and teachers! We move fast, within minutes of being back in school there is focus on results, Ofsted and getting busy with work.

Here is mine! This website is up and running, FREEBIEs created, mailing responses primed and videos recorded. I have to say this website proved to be (and still is) quite the learning curve. As someone who is not technical and cannot code – I have learned much about interacting with WordPress over these last few months. It just goes to prove you are never too old to learn anything – if I can do this – you can PASS YOUR ENGLISH GCSE with flying colours.

Here’s to a great academic year with much progress and achievement.

Happy Studies! ?

Zoë Sophie

Teacher | Tutor | English Specialist


PS: If you need any help, advice or resources – please do not hesitate to contact me or to request to join my closed Facebook Help Group.

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