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During my ten years working in education, I have educated a vast array of students in state and private schools, built bespoke schemes of work and accumulated an excellent track record of English GCSE results.

I believe that everyone is capable of excelling in English – if YOU REALLY WANT IT! That means listening carefully to feedback and taking the time and space to progress with the subject. With the right help anyone can improve in English. Passing and excelling in the English GCSE is possible!

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During our sessions, your skills and attainment will be explored and you’ll receive honest feedback regarding skill gaps and strengths. My role is to enable you to improve your English skills, whilst gaining confidence and enjoyment in the subject.

You’ll be set weekly goals and homework, with your work marked, and tailored, constructive feedback given. My students may hand in work for feedback on how it can be improved – either online or in person during sessions.

Goal reads for students wishing to master their GCSE


All GCSE English Language and Literature topics may be covered in sessions. These include:


Analysis of fiction and non-fiction texts.


Descriptive and narrative writing.


19th century and modern prose.






Speaking and listening.


Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG).


Revision and exam technique.


Want to see how I teach? Watch the video below from my YouTube channel.

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