This is for 2020 exam students and their families.

I wanted to address 2020 because for exam students and their families this year has been very different. As an English teacher and tutor I wanted to impart my thoughts on the results.
Ultimately, whilst this has been a stressful year for students, families and teachers with little control, we CAN control how we respond to the situation
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It was this response which ensured the government u turn on A Levels.



Great results?

If your results are good – fantastic! I’m delighted for you.

Tell me how you did and what you plan to do next…everyone loves a success story and yours matters.


Disappointed with results?

If you’re disappointed with your results, it’s okay to be disappointed. We are only human. Please know that your dreams aren’t over because of one set of exam results. You can still do what you want to do but it might take you longer to get there.
That’s okay because life is for living and no one gets to kill your dream. You’re in charge, even if the dream is delayed in its realisation.
I’ll be watching, listening and I will be thinking of all A Level and GCSE students at this time. And I’ll be here waiting to hear how you got on. If you’re a parent – I’m happy to talk and advise.

There will be the opportunity to sit these exams again if that’s your choice.

As for A Levels…you may be delayed at worst…or opt to amend the journey slightly…but the dream isn’t over.


Remember this is 2020

It’s never over and this is 2020. It is unprecedented and everyone knows this. No one is judging you for the cohort you find yourself in.
Make sure you have someone to talk to about your results and know that there are lots of kind, supportive people out there.
People care about this and about you.
If you’re a teacher/ tutor I’m sure you’ll agree and be supportive regardlesss of what happens.
I am thinking of you all.


To hear my thoughts on exams listen to the replay of my interview Chelmsford Community Radio 104.4 FM on 24th August 2020 at 9pm (around 36 minutes in).  In this City Talk Nita Jhummu talks to students, parents and teachers about the latest #examfiasco and that famous #algorithm ! 😱 City Talk is on CCR 104.4FM in Chelmsford and online every Monday 8pm-10pm.

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