I am leaving my current school to tutor GCSE English

I am very sad to be leaving my current school. And yet I remember hearing uttered ‘a story is a happy one, if it ends in the right place’. Depressingly, I once heard this line uttered at a eulogy! But from unhappy ends stem new beginnings and it seems such has led me to begin this blog. Whilst I am very sad to no longer be able to teach my lovely students at Thorpe Hall – in Southend-on-Sea, I am happy that I may focus on my tutoring work. This will be at my Chelmsford setting: Pass English GCSE. So it is official: I am leaving my current school to tutor GCSE English.

The school is/ was perfect, alas the commute became increasingly awful, to the point where my other half and I became regular gamblers on ‘who can get the shortest ETA compared to Google Maps?’

After several sorry three hour journeys home, with no viable de-tours, second homes or any real tangible solution involving part time working arrangements…I had to admit it. I must leave the school. But I am determined that this story shall not end in an unhappy place.

And it is from this conclusion that I have realised that I CAN have it all.

I may combine my love of teaching English and helping students to realise their potential. All with a decreased commute time. Who can argue with the commute from home to office? One must shuffle from bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room to surmount the Everest of all mornings… one must open the door to ‘the office’ right next door.

This is part of the house sealed off with a door where my domestic life ends and my professional one begins.

But what about the cat? You ask. That’s okay, he’s happily ensconced in the living room and is in total agreement with the new working from home arrangements. And if he ever gets lonely – he may peer through the glass windows to watch me writing this blog, tutoring a student or recording a ‘How to’ video for my online learners.

Never fear – Sir Mitchie (my cat’s preferred title) – you shall not be lonely, and if you do something cute, I may even feature you in my online videos, for brief interludes when my students may desire a few seconds of a cute cat instead of annotated verse. As if!

My business is titled with the original name of ‘Pass English GCSE’. Yes, I know, not particularly innovative, but it does what it says on the tin.

If you are unsure of anything – please consult my introductory video and my testimonials.

I teach English GCSE to all boards. However, my experience is dominated by AQA and Edexcel.

Luckily, I have had many happy students and colleagues and I have many fond memories.

And here is the happy ending as promised – long may it last!